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kevin_keller_6_covlrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

This week’s “New to Archie Digital” features Kevin Keller #6 and Betty #194.

Kevin Keller #6 – ‘By George’ – When the gang gets a school assignment to write about a person who has inspired them, Kevin chooses George Takei, the legendary Star Trek actor who came out several years ago. When Kevin hears that he’s at a local convention, he recruits Jughead to go with him, unaware that Mr. Takei, moved by Kevin’s article, has made a trip to Riverdale to pay him a visit. Kevin rushes to meet up with his idol, but will he make it in time? Oh my! Read Now>>

Betty #194 – Betty & Me in ‘How Sweet it Was’ – All of Betty’s dreams come true when Archie asks her to be his date at the dance. But she’s forced to wake up when she can’t afford to buy a new dress. Never one to sulk, Betty gets a job and with Archie at her side. She may not dance the night away, but she still gets Archie in the hilarious conclusion. In the second feature, Katy Keene, Skipper Mason goes on a monkey chase and gets more than he bargained for! Li’l Jinx makes an appearance in ‘Sounds Fishy,’ and Archie goes classic in ‘Errant Boy’ from 1957. Finally, everyone’s favorite teenage witch, Sabrina, shows up in ‘Strange Love!’ Read Now>>

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