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kevin_keller_9_covlrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

This week’s “New to Archie Digital” features two comics, Jughead #212 and Kevin Keller #9, as well as the graphic novel Kevin Keller Vol 2: Drive Me Crazy.

Kevin Keller #9 – ‘The TAG-ALONGS’ – School is out and summer is in as the Kellers take off on a road trip. Mr. Keller is being honored for his service at a special ceremony — but half the fun is getting there so the family takes the scenic route! But how will Kevin do without Devon? And Veronica? And what about the new lifeguard job Kevin was supposed to start with Wendy and William? How do you decide between friends and family during the summer? It’s easy: you don’t! Sounds like more summer fun than one guy can handle! Read Now>>

Jughead #212 – ‘A Jughead in the Family,’ Part 6 of 6 – In Jughead’s seemingly never-ending quest to find a place to call home, the teen and his canine companion Hotdog shack up in the unlikeliest of places: Lodge Estates. Not accustomed to a life of luxury, will Jughead conform to high society or will his slovenly ways put him back on the street? Plus, how does Mr. Lodge plan to use his new houseguest to his advantage? Read Now>>

Kevin Keller Vol 2: Drive Me Crazy - Featuring the hard-to-find #6 issue guest-starring Star Trek (and the internet’s) own George Takei! Oh my! Kevin Keller is certainly getting popular — he’s gone from new kid in town to class president! He might be settling in well enough, but there are still things that are very new to him. From his first car to first love triangle, Kevin has plenty of new experiences ahead of him! Buckle up and join him on the wild ride through high school in Kevin Keller 2: Drive Me Crazy. Read Now>>

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