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archie_friends_141_covlrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

This week’s “New to Archie Digital” features Archie & Friends #140 and Archie and Friends #141. These comics are the first two parts in the “The Freshman Year – Missing Chapters”.

Archie & Friends #140 - ‘Freshmen Year – The Missing Chapters: Jughead.’ In the ‘Freshman Year’ saga, readers learned the backstory behind Riverdale’s fabled cast of characters. But that wasn’t the whole story! Now writer Batton Lash fills in the blanks, giving readers an even bigger glimpse of what went on with Jughead, Betty and Veronica, Reggie, Chuck, and Pencilneck G. In this issue, we follow Jughead as his family moves out of Riverdale. What is life like in his new town? Can he make a friend as loyal as Archie? Who is Sadie – just a friend, or something more? Read Now>>

trialSub-spotlightArchie & Friends #141 - ‘Freshman Year, the Missing Chapters: Betty & Veronica.’ In this issue, we follow Betty and Veronica through their freshman year, solidifying their friendship as they bond over their love of the Young Broz boy band. Just wait until they bond – or not! – over their love for Archie! Read Now>>

These books and many more are available to read as part of the Archie Digital Subscription. The Archie Digital Subscription starts at $5.99 a month, but you can give the Archie Digital Subscription a test drive. Read 8 books including part one of ”Archie’s Rockin’ World Tour”, Archie #650, as part of the Archie Digital Subscription Trial. Only 99 Cents!

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