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Every Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!


All the books added today are from Archie’s extensive back catalog and are available as an individual purchase or through an Archie Digital Subscription. For a limited time, a 1 month subscription is only $5.99. Regular price is $9.99. You get access to all books in the catalog that are over 6 months old. Titles include ArchieBetty & VeronicaLife With ArchieBest of Archie and more. Read any of the books in this week’s “New to Archie Digital” list to sign up for an Archie Digital Subscriptions.

This week’s books are highlighted by Archie #1, published back in 1942. For a limited time Archie #1 is included in the Archie Digital Subscription! Books added this week are:

archie_1_cover archie_623_cover archie_622_cover kevin_keller_2_cover kevin_keller_1_cover  kevin_keller_gn_small
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