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betty_veronica_245_coverlrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

This week’s “New to Archie Digital” features Betty & Veronica #243 and Betty & Veronica #245.

Betty & Veronica #243 begins with ”It’s All About Mia” where Coach Betty must teach her new star soccer player that there’s no “I” in team! In “The Impossible Dream”, Betty dreams… literally… of the perfect solution to the love triangle! Finally, in “Flip Service”, Betty and Veronica “flip” head over heels for their new karate instructor!

Betty & Veronica #245, includes four stories, led off by ”Now THAT Was a Mistake”. When Archie wins not one, not two, but FIVE bouquets of roses from the local florist, he has to send them somewhere… and Betty and Veronica sure aren’t happy about the other three! In “Eat Those Words”, Veronica enters a world she doesn’t understand: the supermarket, where items marked “cheap” are desirable, you have to pick a number and wait in line for cold cuts, and you scan and bag your own items! In “Good Old Days”, A senior from the retirement home tells Betty and Veronica what it was like to be in the middle of a “love triangle” in an age without cell phones, texting and the internet! Finally, in “Snow Daze”, the girls would never be so immature as to participate in the boys’ snowball brawl… unless they got hit, of course!


Also, with the San Diego International Comic Con in full swing, we bring you the Riverdale Comic CON. In Archie & Friends #156, the gang converges at the first-ever Riverdale Sci-Fi Convention and find themselves entered in an epic costume contest – but who’s the mysterious robot trailing them? And can Veronica win the top prize when an old rival shows up in the same costume? It’s a pop culture explosion of fun as the Archies, Sabrina, Josie, and more cross paths at the biggest entertainment event Riverdale’s ever seen!

Want to give the Archie Digital Subscription a test drive? Part one of ”Archie’s Rockin’ World Tour”, Archie #650, is included in the Archie Digital Subscription Trial, which is only 99 Cents!

Get all these books and more with an Archie Digital Subscription for only $5.99 a month and start reading now!!!

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