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betty_veronica_best_friends_forever_cover_lrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

This week’s “New to Archie Digital” features Betty #188 and Veronica #203, the final two parts of Betty and Veronica: Best Friends Forever, aka ‘Battle of the BFF’s’. In part 3, Betty #188,  reigning ‘World’s Greatest BFFs’ Betty and Veronica judge the competition to determine the next greatest BFFs. C heryl Blossom snares Ginger Lopez into her plot to best B&V by scheming her way through the contest. But will time on BFF Island prove to be too much for her manipulations?

In the final part of  ’Battle of the BFF’s', Veronica #203, it’s the final challenge in the battle over the title of ‘World’s Greatest BFFs’! Conditions on BFF Island are rough, but as the competition thins, Ginger and Cheryl tough it out to face the ultimate obstacles. Big surprises are in store for these faux friends as they continue in their quest to win the BFF trophy!

With of the conclusion of the  ’Battle of the BFF’s', the comics that make up Betty and Veronica: Best Friends Forever are bundled together for one low price! Simply open Betty#187 and start reading and when you get to the purchase options, select Betty and Veronica: Best Friends Forever. Also, all comics that make up the graphic novel are included in the Archie Digital Subscription!

Read all these books and more with an Archie Digital Subscription!

betty_veronica_best_friends_forever_cover betty_187_cover
betty_veronica_249_cover betty_188_cover veronica_203_cover


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