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archie_clash_new_kids_cover_lrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

The last two week’s of “New to Archie Digital” books feature the completion of the ‘Clash of the New Kids’ story arc with Veronica #204. Now all 6 comics that make up the Archie: Clash of the New Kids graphic novel are available for one low price or through the Archie Digital Subscription!

The other comics added are all about Betty and Veronica: Betty and Veronica #253, Betty and Veronica #254, and Betty and Veronica #255. From prom to the beach to summer parties, these stories will get you ready for the end of the school year and ready for summer to begin.

All comics, as well as Archie: Clash of the New Kids graphic novel bundle are available as an individual purchase or through an Archie Digital Subscription.


archie_new_kids_cover veronica_204_cover betty_veronica_253_cover betty_veronica_254_cover betty_veronica_255_cover


Get Archie: Clash of the New Kids now for one low price!


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