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Archie: Clash of the New Kids

Riverdale High is being invaded by fifty new kids! A nearby high school has closed due to budget cuts and 50 students and four teachers are transferred to Riverdale High. Archie and his friends have to step up their game when the new students bring serious competition to Riverdale. A stylish new girl who rivals Veronica, a talented photographer who threatens Betty’s role at the school paper, and a tricky prankster even more cunning and crafty than Reggie are now all part of the mix! Amidst a healthy dose of slapstick humor and high school intrigue, is an emphasis on the importance of embracing diversity, making new friends and resolving conflicts.

This graphic novel bundle collects Archie & Friends #148, Archie #614, Betty & Veronica #250, Archie & Friends #149, Betty #189, and Veronica #204.

To buy, simply click read now or on the cover image and Archie & Friands #148 will open in the reader. When you get the the subscribe pop-up 4 pages into the comic click “click here” and select the “Archie: Clash of the New Kids” option.

Archie: Clash of the New Kids is also available through the Archie Digital Subscription.

Get Archie Comic print subscriptions on the Archie Comics Store.


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