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It has been a tough winter in Riverdale with cold weather and tons of snow. But for those like us that are feeling the winter blues, why not spend some time with Archie in what he proclaims will be “the greatest summer of all!” Documented in Archie #645 and now included in the Archie Digital Subscription. Life with Archie #31 is also now included in the Archie Digital subscription and is the first story in the latest arc.

New books added this week are Archie #626, Archie #627, Betty and Veronica #258, Kevin Keller #3, and Kevin Keller #4. All are available as an individual purchase or through an Archie Digital Subscription.

The second Kevin Keller graphic novel Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale  is now included on Archie Digital as a bundle. The graphic novel collect Kevin Keller issues 1 – 4 and an exclusive to Archie Digital, Kevin Keller’s first appearance – Veronica #202.

Also, if you haven’t had a chance yet, in the spirit of the Winter Olympics, check out Betty and Veronica: Go for the Gold!


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