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archie_654_covlrgEvery Friday books are added to the Archie Digital Catalog!

This week’s “New to Archie Digital” features Archie #594 and Archie #654.

In Archie #594, the lead story is “Running in the Fast Lane”. Betty convinces Archie to do a marathon with her, but can Archie keep from “running on empty”?! In the second story, “An Egg-Cellent Assignment”, the “yolks” on Archie when Professor Flutesnoot has the students take care of eggs to learn about responsibility. Finally, in “The Replacement”, don’t get him wrong – Archie’s not the paranoid type – he’s just absolutely certain Veronica has replaced him! Read Now>>

trialSub-spotlightIn Archie #654, there’s a Speed Dating event at Pop’s and everyone is invited! Love is in the air as new relationships blossom in true Riverdale fashion! It’s like a dream come true for Archie — the chance to date every girl in Riverdale (and Jughead’s worst nightmare!) With more than just two girls to choose between, who on earth will Archie pick?! Find out in this fun-filled story featuring special guest appearances! Read Now>>

These books and many more are available to read as part of the Archie Digital Subscription. The Archie Digital Subscription starts at $5.99 a month, but you can give the Archie Digital Subscription a test drive. Read 8 books including part one of “Archie’s Rockin’ World Tour”, Archie #650, as part of the Archie Digital Subscription Trial. Only 99 Cents!

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