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‘A Night at the Comic Shop Part 2: Cosmic Cosmosis’

The thrilling conclusion to a 2-part story reintroducing some of the most memorable characters Archie ever published! The comic book characters unleashed through the inter-dimensional portal have moved out of the Pep Comics shop and into Archie’s world! It’s up to Chuck, Archie, and their friends to retrieve the characters before they cause too much havoc – but it’s not easy to contain a comic book character! Will these classic characters from comics’ past ever go home, or will they lay down permanent roots in Riverdale? Will Archie and his friends manage to control the four color frenzy, or find themselves trapped in another dimension as well?

The story continues in Archie & Friends #150, available on Archie Digital now. See all the Archie & Friends Comics on Archie Digital now!

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